About Me

My name is Mette and I live in Denmark with my New Zealand boyfriend and our little boy. I work as a florist and in my spare time I love being creative with food, flowers, sewing, knitting, making jewelry, restoring furniture, decorating and much more. I want to share my ideas and hopefully spark creativity in others.

I will share how I make most my projects, however there will be projects or art pieces that has no explanation, that are just for you to enjoy 🙂

Please comment on my posts and let me know what you want to see more of. I'd love to hear from you.

My story

I'm born and raised in Denmark and already as a kid i couldn't help but to be creative. I made paintings, drew pictures, made clothes for my barbies, made sand castles and dressed up.

My grandparents had a company where they sold hobby materials for arts and crafts, so I always had easy access to materials and I had great patience and lots of time, so being creative was easy.

I have an education as a textile designer and a florist. These two educations gave my childhood creativity a big boost and i learned to work with new materials and to think in alternative ways.

What i work on now is to connect my creativity to my spirituality, to listen to my heart and to stand by my work with pride.