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This is a really easy stew to make and it tastes amazing. I came up with this stew because one day my boyfriend said that his body was craving spinach. We had just finished a meal containing spinach and he liked it so much that he was sure it was because his body was craving […]
I got this recipe from a sweet friend of mine who, like me, is trying to live just a little bit healthier. They are delicious none the less and you can add spices to them depending on what you need them fore. I will bring a small WARNING though: These crackers are really heavily packed […]
This is one of my favorite breakfast bowls that is not only healthy but also SO EASY to make ? I even eat this as a dessert or as a light meal during the day. It is nothing but a thick smoothie that you eat with a spoon, with your choice of topping on top.Basically […]
So as a vegan you of course don’t eat bacon, but you can have days where you are just drawn to that salty barbecue taste that bacon has. My boyfriend just love hummus and not a week goes by where we haven’t had hummus. I on the other hand am not completely and utterly in […]
It’s summertime and you don’t feel like eating a warm meal, so this is the perfect thing for you. It's light an creamy and at the same time filling without being too heavy. It fits well with vegan paddies or other meat alternatives , or if do enjoy real meat from time to time, it […]