22 August 2020

Breakfast smoothie bowl

This is one of my favorite breakfast bowls that is not only healthy but also SO EASY to make ? I even eat this as a dessert or as a light meal during the day. It is nothing but a thick smoothie that you eat with a spoon, with your choice of topping on top.
Basically you can make this out of two ingredients: Bananas and berries. Simple, easy, done! But I love to hide good stuff in my smoothies that might not always taste delicious by them selves. This basic smoothie covers up the taste of greens, oils or spices… to a certain degree:) So feel free to experiment with adding on your own ingredients to give it taste or to add more healthy stuff to it.

Unfortunately I have not been blessed with one of those super blenders that just eats its way through everything and makes you a smooth and creamy consistency. So if you, like me, do not have a super blender but just an average blender, you might want to hold back on stringy or hard greens, unless you like the funny and chunky consistency. Choose something soft like Avocados or oils.
So in this recipe I have just added two extra ingredients, to give it a bit extra healthiness. They are optional if you just want it to be easy and quick.

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Serves 1

100ml   Frozen or fresh berries

1  big    Banana (or 1½ small bananas)

½ tbsp  Coconut oil

½ tsp    Turmeric

Topping: Müsli, nuts, seeds, raisins etc.

Blend all the ingredients together and serve it in a bowl with your choice of topping. How easy was that?!


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