Snowflake Obsidian

Chakra: Root, Third eye

Element: Earth

Attributes: Perseverance, insight, past-life recall, spirit communication

Snowflake obsidian enables you to get the best out of a bad situation by clearing negative thoughts and by inspiring you with new ideas that can improve your situation. It increases your psychic thinking and points you in the direction of your higher path. Meditating with this stone can put you in contact with the world of souls and bring you in connection with lost loved once.

It also attunes your memory of your past lives or of forgotten events in your present life. Because of this attribute snowflake obsidian can be helpful when it comes to heal wounds from the past.

This crystal supports you in finding courage and persistence when you are on the edge of hope. It does so by revealing sources of support that you might have overlooked or taken for granted.

Snowflake obsidian helps you to overcome ‘poor me’ attitudes or victimization. It enables you to find strength and willingness to shift your reality to something better.

Obsidian helps in removing blockages in the meridian system and it clears the root and harra chakra.

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