Chakra: Heart, Root

Element: Fire, Earth

Attributes: Compassion, Love, Generosity. Discovering and developing hidden talents.

Like many other pink stones Rhodonite promotes the energy of love. This type of energy is more outer-directed love like generosity and using one’s talents to bring gifts to others. As many people already know the satisfaction of giving to others is often times much more rewarding than receiving. Rhodonite attracts the people and situations that lead you to the great experience of loving and being loved. It is the gift of Rhodonite to bring more love into this world.

It helps you to find out what your hidden talents are and to use those talents for the highest good of all. It is a stone for learning and development, encouraging you to expand or perfect your skills.

Rhodonite is truly a stone of power. The power is simply the ability to recognize where you can use your skills and talents to better the world.

On the physical level it strengthens your tissues, organs and glands. It supports the flow of chi through the meridians that brings you energy and vitality. It is especially helpful in supporting the liver through the detoxification process. It is an excellent wound healer and it reduces scarring, not only on the physical level but also on the emotional level.

It is a stone of self worth because it aids in making you feel sure about your purpose in life.

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