Red Jasper

Chakra: Root, Harra

Element: Earth

Attributes: Physical strength and vitality, Stabilization of your energies.

Red Jasper can help enhance your endurance and stamina. It can work over time to increase the amount of life force(chi). It strengthens your root chakra and your connection to earth. It enhances memory, especially of dreams and other inner experiences.

This stone has a kind of down-to-earth feeling that rubs of on its owner.

Red Jasper does its work gradually but the advantages you gain from it tend to be more permanent.

The vibrational frequency of Red Jasper can help to activate your sexual and/or creative energies and to balance your beliefs about sexual expression or orientation.

Red Jasper aids in manifesting creative ideas and it can help you to continue working on a project after it has lost its original excitement. It helps you to be disciplined with your creative work.

Red Jasper is also named the ‘Stone of Travel,’ being said to give the traveler luck on their journey.

Red jasper can be a good stone for those who are into weight lifting or bodybuilding because of its ability to generate muscle tissue. It is a good stone for stabilizing pregnancies and promote robust fetal growth.

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