Element: Earth

Chakra: Root, solar plexus, third eye.

Attributes: Inner strength, focused attention, willpower, discipline.

Onyx is a stone of inner strength. It enhances your endurance and persistence and it can help you to carry out difficult or dreary tasks. Onyx is also a stone of physical strength. It assists you in containing your energies instead of letting them dissipate. It helps you build up your vitality and can be very helpful after a period of illness or after a prolonged work project that can deplete your resources. It can keep one focused on an exercise regime, weight loss program or other effort to improve ones health. Onyx can be an excellent stone for bodybuilders, even if the goals are quite modest. Black onyx helps to hold physical memories, so it can be useful in healing old wounds or past life issues.

Energetically it boosts your memory and encourages attention to detail. It increases your ability to maintain focus allowing you to learn challenging new material or to use the knowledge you already have. This makes Onyx a great stone for students, teachers, business owners, accountants, lawyers and all those professions that call for high levels of focus, perseverance and discipline.

Onyx stimulates your lower chakras, the Root chakra and the Earth Star chakra (placed a couple of inches to a couple of feet below your feet), and helps you to stay grounded and to connect with the energies of earth.

Because it grounds you, it calms nervousness, quells anxiety, soothes hot tempers and brings reason to passion.

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