Chakra: Solar plexus, Heart

Element: Fire

Attributes: Creativity, Confidence, Protection, Healing of the heart.

Malachite is a stone for protection against negative energies. It fills the auric field with positive vibrations that act as a shell against hostile forces. It activates your ‘inner radar’ so you are able to feel the presence of danger. It makes you ‘invisible’ to those who pose a threat to you, emotionally or physically.

Malachite vibrates with the healthiest energy for the heart chakra. It helps you to stay emotionally balanced and positive. It also stimulates the solar plexus which enhances your will power. This means that it makes it easier to resist all forms of negative temptation.

Malachite gives you the feeling of confidence and self-responsibility, which is useful in making spiritual progress through right actions in the world.

It helps those who feel trapped in waiting for their reality to change. It can help to give one the willpower to break through these limitations and barriers.

Malachite helps those with creative thoughts who have difficulty bringing dreams and visions into reality.

This stone stimulates the liver and helps it in detoxifying. It helps to soothe pain from inflammatory diseases and cramps.

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