Maintain your jewellery

How to maintain your jewellery

Crystals: The crystals in our jewellery have the best effect if they get cleaned and energized. There are different ways of cleaning and energizing your crystals.

  • White sage, or sandal wood incense: Hold your crystals into the smoke of the incense. They have a cleansing effect on the crystals.
  • Moon or sunlight: Leave your crystals outside in the moonlight. Leave them on a place where the jewellery does not get destroyed by the weather. It is also possible to clean and energize the crystals in the sun, but be aware to only leave them in the sun for a short while, so the crystals or wood does not get overly bleached by the sun. The best time is at sunrise or sunset.
  • Meditation: Sit with your crystals in meditation. Hold them in your hand and visualize the crystals being cleansed. When you feel like the crystal is clean, you can send your best energy and intentions to the crystal to energize them. For the more “programmable” crystals, you can send wishes of specific energies to the crystal.
  • Send it back to us: Feel free to contact us to arrange us to have your jewellery fully cleaned and energized.

There are many methods out there on how to clean crystals, such as running water, salt or salt water etc., but the examples we mentioned above are all safe for your jewellery. So to make sure you take the best care of your jewellery we recommend that you stick to these methods.

Wood: If your jewellery contains wood, we recommend that the wood is not exposed too much to water. The more the wood comes in contact with water the more dull and rough it may look. If your wood has become dull you can give it back its glow by rubbing it with a bit of food oil, for example coconut oil. If the wood has become rough, you can sand it with some very fine sand paper, and give it oil thereafter. Furthermore you are allowed to give your jewellery character just like a good watch, with all the bumps and bruises from everyday life showing just where you and it have been.

Silver: The silver in your jewellery can be polished with a silver polishing cloth or with a polishing paste. Be careful not to polish your crystals, since they may get a dull look in time. Do NOT put your jewellery into the polishing liquids you can buy where you immerse the jewellery into a cleaning liquid. This might destroy the crystals or the wood.

We wish you the best of luck with your jewellery.

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