Element: Wind

Chakras: All (some colours are linked to specific chakras)

Attributes: Mental clarity, improved decision making, clearing the energy fields.

Fluorite can act as a mental vacuum cleaner, clearing away cluttered thoughts and negativity, and it encourages your thinking to become orderly and coherent. It can assist you in making the right decisions about the energies and people whom you allow into your life.

It helps in overcoming fear of the future and it aids in thinking through your feelings when you are in an emotionally overwhelming situation.

Fluorite helps to balance the brain chemistry, enhancing learning and memory abilities.

Fluorite can have many colours that each have additional energies (see below).

Yellow Fluorite: Magnifies your mental powers and enhances intellectual ability. It aligns your will with the mind ensuring to bring ones thoughts and actions into reality through action and intention. It enhances creativity and it is an excellent detox stone.

Green Fluorite: Cleans and heals the Heart chakra and makes sure that the plans of your mind are approved by the heart. It connects you with your intuition.

Pink Fluorite: Pink Fluorite has the same abilities as Green Fluorite, to harmonize the heart with the mind. It also activates the higher Heart chakra located in the chest about two inches above the heart.

Blue Fluorite: Blue Fluorite is especially good for opening your Third eye and ensuring psychic clarity and accuracy. It is also good for the Throat chakra and it ensures clear communication of ones ideas.

Multi coloured Fluorite: Is good for overall energy cleansing and repairing of the auric field. See the overall description of Fluorite above.

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