Chakra: Harra, solar plexus

Element: Fire

Attributes: Creativity, Sexuality, Playfulness, Confidence, Innovation

This is a perfect stone for those who are looking for a new and innovative solution to stagnated problems or stalled projects. Calcite gets your energy moving and encourages you to see old dilemmas in new ways, thus finding a solution.

Calcite helps you to heal old wounds related to sexuality, creativity or will. It works well for those who suffer from old childhood traumas and have a feeling of deep shame.

It helps you to overcome depression or inactivity and can be a wonderful ally in reclaiming health and vitality.

Orange Calcite is a fire stone and it encourages warmth, circulation, metabolism and the flow of energy while removing stagnated energy.

It is also excellent for improving business and/or increasing the flow of money.

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