Element: Wind

Chakra: Third eye and crown chakra

Attributes: Protection, purification, divine connection, release of addictions.

Amethyst creates a protective bubble around you that acts as a barrier against negative energies. It creates a cocoon of light in your aura field that helps you to stay clear, balanced and open to spiritual guidance. Amethyst assists you in identifying the root causes behind negative behaviours and bad habits; thereby helping in overcoming them. It stimulates your Crown chakra and helps to quiet your mind; so therefore Amethyst is great for helping you to get to the state of meditation. It also helps you to stay aware and focused while you meditate, that’s why Amethyst is a very well known tool for assisting in psychic and intuitive work. In this spiritual work the high energy from the crystal works as a barrier against negative energies.
Amethysts ability to activate the higher mind helps you to gain a clearer understanding about the dynamics and root causes of your life experiences. It works as a counteract to the effects drugs have on brain functions, while imparting its own peaceful and blissful energy. It helps in eliminating emotion-based decisions allowing you to listen to your higher guidance.
It helps in balancing your nervous system and brain function.

Because the amethyst is a great protector of bad energies it is advised to clear the energies of your amethyst from time to time.

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