About us

Hi there, and welcome to our world. This page is the result of our ideas and experiences in life, and we are here to share knowledge, inspire and heal.

We help, support and inspire each other to do our best and to create beautiful ideas. Our jewellery are made with healing crystals and we strive to make them in the most sustainable way. We have called this world of ours MyChi because we want to inspire everyone to get connected with their own chi, their own inner power.

We give blessings to each individual piece of jewellery we make before we send it off to the buyer, to energize it with as much love and positivity as is possible.

And who are “We”?

Mette is the main blogger and also designer and creator of the jewellery:

“I have a passion for creating jewellery that is not just stylish but that has meaning for the person wearing it and on top of that is able to give a positive effect to the one wearing it.

I create the jewellery based on what I would like to wear my self, on what I feel would benefit me energetically and on what I can’t seem to find anywhere else. I have a background in design within the textile industry and as a florist and I seek knowledge and inspiration from both worlds. I seek inspiration and courage in my beautiful partner and get supported with the things that I’m not good at.

My second passion is health. Both mentally and physically. I love to create healthy vegan versions of traditional recipes so that they still taste as fabulous or even better as the original.

I’m a mental health coach and I’m fascinated with the way our minds work, and I want to be able to help others by sharing tips and tricks to getting mentally healthier.”

Carlos is the business contact and engineer of MyChi:

”Remembering my transition from walking this world ‘asleep’ to ‘awakened’, has made my passion for this concept begin to be a need for everyone and not just a luxury.

What I mean by ‘asleep’ is the time while I was still afraid of the judgment of others, while secretly craving to be part of this ancient spiritual world. What was missing was being able to wear stylish energetic jewellery on a daily basis, without that Bohemian look. Thus MyChi was born.

I completed Machining and Toolmaking L4 which gave me the basis to all my hand skills and knowledge of how metals work. Progressing later to the depths of Commercial Diving (underwater engineering) and then to Offshore work stopping oil leaks and the like. All these combination of skills and extensive working travel experience has lead myself to this point in life, to have the drive and readiness for this endeavor MyChi, and be an equally loving companion to Mette, the most beautiful soul I have meet. Together we will help bring more love and good energy to the world with the help of each other.

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