The simple life

So a new kind of bracelet has seen the light of day here at MyChi. I wanted to create something that was both simple, affordable and timeless and I think i did a pretty good job if i have to say it myself 😉

I’ve seen these very thin bracelets that are in fashion now and it inspired me to make something that is still loaded with the energy that the crystals provide and that has a very simple look at the same time.

They are made with a cotton string, crystals and sterling silver. I’ve varied the look of them so you can combine them as you wish. If you for example want to amplify the effects of the moon stone, you can put it together with the clear crystal that amplifies the effect of any other crystal its put together with. Or you can combine other crystals to get different effects out of them.

I’m excited about these bracelets and i wear them myself every day, both to test them out, but also because i feel like the go with everything 🙂

I hope you will receive them well and if you have any spacial wishes, you are more than welcome to contact us and we will love to help you out.


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