Potato wrap with bacon hummus

So now that i have given you the recipe on bacon hummus, I’ll give you an example on how to use it. This wrap is also a great summer lunch thing, because you serve it all cold with fresh salad.

To keep it all completely gluten free you can choose to serve it with gluten free tortilla wraps. So far I haven’t experimented a lot with making gluten free wraps myself, so I’ll leave it up to other experts to share such a recipe. You can also buy them finished, to save you the trouble.

I haven’t given any fixed amount of veggies to add to the wraps because I know it can vary a lot depending on who you serve it for. So if you live in a veggie loving family, make sure to cut enough;)

So this is the recipe:


To print the recipe click HERE

Potato wraps with bacon hummus

Serves 4-6 people


Tortilla wraps (serve 2 pr. person and best gluten free)

1 portion of bacon hummus





pickled chilies

400g boiled and cooled potatoes


Cut the vegetables in sticks and cubes, whatever fits in a wrap. Cut the potatoes into cubes or slices and serve it all with wraps and bacon hummus so people can combine their own wrap.

Enjoy 🙂


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