Clean up your mind by cleaning up your home

Now you might ask, why is the state of my home so important to the state of my mind? And I’m glad you asked me that question through me 😉

Our home reflects the way we feel inside. Mental clutter becomes clutter in your home, and dusty things that you never use becomes stagnated energy in your mind. It might seem very logic, but still a lot of us does not see the clutter in our home, or has clean forgotten about all the boxes in the addict. Without knowing it, these things create a heavy energy within you and sorting out your things can help you to get a clearer mind.

I’ve created a video that can help you to start the process of cleaning up your home. I give you 4 steps on how to sort out, clean up and let go:)

I’ll be happy to hear from you and how your situation is when it comes to your home and your mind. Please feel free to ask questions 🙂

Enjoy 🙂



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