Mandala meditation – Free mandala prints

For me, being creative is like meditating. I can sometimes work on a project for hours and not have noticed that time has passed. When I then think back on the time I have spent, I’m not really sure what I have been thinking about. Sometimes I can work for so long that when I finally “wake up”, I suddenly feel how tired or hungry I am. That’s probably taking it a bit too far, but I believe that letting your mind focus on a project you love is just as good as meditating.

Now, I have been creative my whole life, so grabbing a pen and start drawing has always felt natural to me, however lately I have tried to challenge my self a bit creatively. I have been listening to some music that I like and then tried to let the pen take me where it wants to go. I have been sitting with a piece of paper and a pen and then just put the pen to the paper, turned of my ego and tried to clear my brain and then move the pen to where it feels right. It has been a fun experience and some very different pieces has come out of it.

You might not be very skilled with pen and paper, but I can defiantly recommend that you try it out anyway. The only thing that is important is to try and keep your ego out of it. Don’t criticize you self, just let the pen move the way it wants and see what comes out of it.

You can also use some of the many mandalas you can find online or in book stores. If you don’t know what a mandala is, it is usually a round pattern that you can fill in with color. Like an adult version of a coloring book. It has the same meditative effect as drawing from free hand or doing other creative projects.

I have made a printable version of the drawings I have been making, so you can print them out and color them your self.



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